Batch file keywords / variables / operators, and their shell equivalents


Batch File Operator Shell Script Equivalent Meaning
% $ command-line parameter prefix
/ command option flag
\ / directory path separator
== = (equal-to) string comparison test
!==! != (not equal-to) string comparison test
| | pipe
@ set +v do not echo current command
* * filename “wild card”
file redirection (overwrite)
>>  >>  file redirection (append)
redirect stdin
%VAR% $VAR environmental variable
REM # comment
NOT ! negate following test
NUL /dev/null “black hole” for burying command output
ECHO echo echo (many more option in Bash)
ECHO. echo echo blank line
ECHO OFF set +v do not echo command(s) following
FOR %%VAR IN (LIST) DO for var in [list]; do “for” loop
:LABEL none (unnecessary) label
GOTO none (use a function) jump to another location in the script
PAUSE sleep pause or wait an interval
CHOICE case or select menu choice
IF if if-test
IF EXIST FILENAME if [ -e filename ] test if file exists
IF !%N==! if [ -z “$N” ] if replaceable parameter “N” not present
CALL source or . (dot operator) “include” another script
COMMAND /C source or . (dot operator) “include” another script (same as CALL)
SET export set an environmental variable
SHIFT shift left shift command-line argument list
SGN -lt or -gt sign (of integer)
ERRORLEVEL $? exit status
CON stdin “console” (stdin)
PRN /dev/lp0 (generic) printer device
LPT1 /dev/lp0 first printer device
COM1 /dev/ttyS0 first serial port

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