DOS commands and their UNIX equivalents


DOS Command UNIX Equivalent Effect
ASSIGN ln link file or directory
ATTRIB chmod change file permissions
CD cd change directory
CHDIR cd change directory
CLS clear clear screen
COMP diff, comm, cmp file compare
COPY cp file copy
Ctl-C Ctl-C break (signal)
Ctl-Z Ctl-D EOF (end-of-file)
DEL rm delete file(s)
DELTREE rm -rf delete directory recursively
DIR ls -l directory listing
ERASE rm delete file(s)
EXIT exit exit current process
FC comm, cmp file compare
FIND grep find strings in files
MD mkdir make directory
MKDIR mkdir make directory
MORE more text file paging filter
MOVE mv move
PATH $PATH path to executables
REN mv rename (move)
RENAME mv rename (move)
RD rmdir remove directory
RMDIR rmdir remove directory
SORT sort sort file
TIME date display system time
TYPE cat output file to stdout
XCOPY cp (extended) file copy

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