VB Scripting with Radia Objects

Part 3:

Example 3:

Reading all data from an EDM File

The below script reads all the EDM properties and values from the ZMASTER in the LIB folder.

‘Syntax :

‘GetAllObjectValue(EDM file)

on error resume next
Msgbox GetAllObjectValue(“ZMASTER”)

Function GetAllObjectValue(strObject)
 Set process = GetObject(“winmgmts://./root/novadigm:NVD_Agent”)
 Set method = process.Methods_ (“GetValues”)
 Set inParameters = method.inParameters.SpawnInstance_()
 inParameters.Path = strObject
 Set outParameters = process.ExecMethod_ (“GetValues”, inParameters)
 For i=0 to UBound(outParameters.value)
  GetAllObjectValue = GetAllObjectValue & outParameters.property(i) & ” – ” & outParameters.value(i) & vbcrlf
End Function


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