Use your USB STICK as ‘RAM’

Let me share with you an interesting tip which will help you to improve the performance of your machine.

Using your memory stick as RAM  is very simple by using Vista’s “ReadyBoost” Feature .

You need to have a USB Key (at least USB 2.0 ).

Step 1.Plugin the USB Stick to USB 2.0 slot.

Step 2: Right click on the Removable device and select “ReadyBoost”

Step 3: Select the option “Use this device”  and adjust the additional memory  as per your  requirement on the machine.

Step 4.Click OK.

Thats it..You configured an additional RAM 🙂

How to know the device is identified as an additional cache by Vista is, you can see a file appearing in the memory stick similar to below name.

Another advantage is at the same time( if you have additional space in memory stick) you can use your memory stick for its  general purposes.


1.Format your Memory stick with FAT 32 file system.

2. The USB Key has to have at least 64mb of free space.

3.The Maximum size of the USB Stick can have  up to 4 GB and minimum  is 256 MB.


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