Picture taker can be used to create MSI?

Yes, ‘Picture taker enterprise edition’ supports to create MSIs.

After taking the first snapshot,install the source and then take the second snapshot.

Save the .pwc file in the required location.

Next click on the icon (MSI Icon ) in the tool bar.It will prompt you to select the .pwc file which was created on the snapshot phase.

Select the .pwc file  and click on “Open” .Next enter the required  MSI name and manufacture name which will be prompted in the next step and click on Save.

MSI will be ready.!!!


1 Response to “Picture taker can be used to create MSI?”

  1. 1 Ashfaque August 24, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Usiong picture taker is there any way to create msi file using command line?

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