Disable Auto update in ‘Adobe Flash Player’

I believe there won’t be any Re-packager who never packaged Adobe Flash Player application in their career.!!!

The below tip help you to disable auto update in Adobe Flash Player.

  1. Flash Player by default will check for updates and automatically prompt user for update. The steps to disable the auto-update notification can be found in the article (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=16701594&sliceId=1).
    1. Create a file named “mms.cfg” in the following location C:\WINDOWS\System32\Macromed\Flash. (Needs to include in .mst)
    2. The mms.cfg file is a UTF-8 text file. The format of the mms.cfg file is a series of name=value pairs separated by carriage returns. If a parameter is not set in the file, Flash Player assumes the default value. When set, values in this file override the user-configured settings stored in a per-user local shared object

Note: Settings in mms.cfg override the user’s settings and cannot be changed by the user through Settings Manager.

The following table describes settings in the mms.cfg file:






0 allows auto-update based on user settings.
1 disables auto-update.


<0 (or absent)

Takes a numeric value.

<0 (or absent) uses value from player settings.
0 checks for updates every time the player launches.
>0 specifies the minimum number of days between check for updates.

2. Create the “mms.cfg” file using notepad:

    1. Key in “AutoUpdateDisable=1”


    1. Save the mms.cfg file with UTF-8 encoding



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