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Interview Questions & Answers -Part 1


Glad that my friends are sending their Articles to publish in Q & A Zone.Here by my friends are sharing their valuable knowledge with you.

The below questions and answers are prepared by my mate Sreejith Bharathan.Very good Q&A to prepare for interviews 🙂

Many thanks Mate . 🙂

1.What are the ADDLOCAL and ADDSOURCE properties?

ADDLOCAL:  It will install the components (file resources) associated with the feature locally on the client the package is installed on.

ADDSOURCE:  The files will be “installed” on the source meaning where the MSI is originally located. There will actually not be any installation of files into the folder but they must exists as “external uncompressed”.

 2.Explain the difference between Property and PROPERTY?

Property: Private Properties in MSI (Properties that cannot be changed during runtime).

PROPERTY: Public Properties (Properties that can be changed during runtime).

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