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World IPv6 Day -June 8th, 2011

imageAn initiative designed to test readiness for the transition to next generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) from the now all but obsolete IPv4.

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Messenger: Chat from your Hotmail inbox

Hotmail is  getting wonderful with new features . I was mainly using gmail due to the availability of free space and easy way to chat with my friends. (That was enough for me as a common man).But recently I started like hotmail  too with some of the new features recently implemented on this.


Step 1: Sign in to Messenger

In the left pane of the Hotmail screen, click Sign in to Messenger. (If you see the Search contacts box, then you’re already signed in.)

Step 2: Start a chat

Look at the left pane to see your Messenger contact list. Point your mouse at a contact to see that person’s status, and then click to send an instant message. You can even have two or more chats at the same time—just click another contact to open a new conversation tab.

HOTMAIL: Access multiple email accounts from Hotmail

Hotmail provides a new feature to access your gmail,AOL Mail etc .. from Hotmail.The configuration is pretty simple.
Step 1: Add an email account

In the left pane, next to Inbox, click the Tools icon Picture of the Tools icon, and then click Get email from another account. (POP access needs to be turned on in the other account for Hotmail to access the email. Some email services have POP turned off by default, so be sure to check those settings.)

Step 2: Enter your account info

Click Add an email account, type the email address and password for the account you want to add, and then follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 3: Set folders and icons

Select the folder where you’d like email from this account to go. You can also choose a colored icon to indicate mail from that account. When you’re done, click Save.

You can get more information with video on the below link.

Splashtop OS Beta available for Download!!


The fastest way to the web……..


Splashtop Instant On is an award-winning platform that allows users to reach their favorite Internet applications seconds after turning on their PC. In cooperation with PC and consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide, the company integrates Splashtop Instant On into notebooks, desktops, web-centric netbooks and nettops, and other devices.

You can download this beta version from

Splashtop OS delivers instant web access, without sacrificing your familiar Windows desktop. Just power up and go.
Installation is risk-free – only the installer runs in Windows, with no impact to your settings, files, applications or personal data.

Key Benefits include:

• Starts in seconds – way before Windows .
• Featuring Bing for Instant Search.
• Safe surfing, featuring Chromium browser.
• Includes Adobe Flash® Player pre-installed
• It’s FREE .

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Sun VirtualBox 3.1.0

Open Source Virtualization Software

Sun VirtualBox, is an enterprise-class open source software that runs on all major operating systems.

Sun VirtualBox is a small-footprint, high-performance, virtualization platform that installs and runs just like an application on your existing Windows, Solaris OS, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X, or Linux “host” OS. It lets you create multiple virtual machines into which you can install whatever “guest” OS you need. So the same computer can run multiple operating systems and applications at the same time.

 The new version is very useful for packagers as it provides multiple snapshots and it is free!!.

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Windows 8 is on its way


Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is in the planning stage ….

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AdminStudio 9.5

Flexera Software announced a new version of their packaging and virtualization tool. AdminStudio 9.5 is scheduled to be released on November 23, 2009

The AdminStudio Repackager has been improved to support Windows 7 requirements, including enhanced exclusion lists. AdminStudio 9.5 also includes InstallShield 2010 to edit MSI files.

AdminStudio 9.5 will also support the latest releases of the leading application virtualization products: Microsoft App-V 4.6 and VMware ThinApp 4.0.3.

Unfortunately, AdminStudio 9.5 will not include support for repackaging 64 bit applications, but Flexera Software considering this on their priority list.

(Special thanks to Stefan Krueger for sharing this information)