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Reboot System


1.What is the difference of the options ‘Reboot Operating System’ and ‘Reboot Computer System’ in Wise script.

Reboot options

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Q&A : Wise Script Editor -Part 1


While you deal with  re-packaging the knowledge about wise scripting is very essential.’Wise script editor’ is a tool which help you to deal with wise scripts.In repackaging technology,this is one of the easiest way to build a script.

Here by I’m starting a series of posts regarding this technology.The explanations will be in Questions and Answers form.I will try to cover some of the examples also.Hope you will enjoy this reading..

1.What is wise script editor?

WiseScript Editor is a separate script authoring environment that lets you create powerful .EXEs to use as custom actions in Windows Installer Editor. Use this powerful feature to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Installer and simplify installation tasks, such as parsing or arithmetic functions, that are difficult to accomplish with Windows Installer.

2. What is the advantage of Creating an .EXE with WiseScript Editor compared to writing your own custom program to create an .EXE?

  •  WiseScript Editor has pre-created, easy-to-use script actions that have been specifically designed to fulfill common installation needs.
  • You can pass Windows Installer properties in and out of the WiseScript Editor  .EXE.
  • Within a WiseScript Editor .EXE, you can evaluate Windows Installer conditions.

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